Christine Kropp, Owner and Baker Extraordinaire for the Whimsical Bakery loves all things sweet and rises to the challenge in creating truly unique cakes for her clients. Christine has always loved to bake ~ the aroma of fresh butter, sweetness of vanilla and decadence of chocolate have found a home in her heart. “Baking is one of those things where I can let go – put all of my passion and skills that I have learned into a custom design.”

Christine also draws on her training from Bonnie Gordon School & Klara Johnson’s School of Confectionary and Pastry Art to create truly magical sugar paste figures. Her favourite is the Lady Bug cake, created for a special 1st  birthday! “The creation process at our bakery happens out of a lot of love, and time and patience. As our skills grow, so do our designs. We love to feature truly amazing, one of a kind cakes, and prefer to focus on all things whimsical rather than your traditional cakes. Part of our philosophy is about pushing the boundaries and creating things that no-one has seen before.”

Having graduated from Georgian College in Hospitality Management, Christine knows that the key to success is “all about consistency, and of course the ingredients!” Christine currently lives in London, Ontario with her husband, John, who is the expert taste-tester for the bakery. “Much to his delight, he gets to test our cookies and cupcakes! Quality control is very important,” she muses.